Timber Framing & Woodworking That Speaks For Itself

Based in South Acworth, NH, we’ve been producing hand crafted homes and furniture for over 30 years.

As craftsmen, we take great pride in the precise workmanship of each custom timber frame that we craft. To us, every house we build is an expression of the commitment and passion we have for our trade.

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Timber Framing

For over 30 years, Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking has specialized in constructing beautiful, custom-cut timber frame homes located throughout New England and beyond. Our timber frames are hand cut with fine precision and attention to detail, carefully crafted the way they have been for centuries with interlocking mortise and tenon joints.

Conventional Framing

For homeowners looking for a more traditional home, Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking has more than 30 years of experience crafting beautiful custom homes, using conventional stick frame construction. From the sitework and foundation to the final touches on the finished masterpiece, Bret has a reputation for excellence in all areas of residential home construction.


In the beginning, a dream home is just a vision. To make that vision a reality, we collaborate closely with clients to translate their ideas into a solid design of their home, sometimes working from client sketches or pictures to create customized plans. Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking brings many years of experience to this process and are able to advise clients when they need information about materials, designs and budgets. Although we design most of our projects, we also work with many local architects and design services to help clients bring their dream of a new home to fruition.


Stairways are sometimes a focal point that deserve special attention. Whether they are part of the house we build for you, or just a unique set of custom stairs you’ve dreamed about adding to your home, we’ll work with you to design stairs that fit the character and style of your home.

Built-In Cabinetry

We consider these to be the frosting on the cake. Our custom built-ins are crafted to be both functional and beautiful, and add to the value of your home. They are designed to coordinate with the interior of your home, add storage and display options, and increase the functionality of your living space. Built-ins can be incorporated into the construction of a new home, or can be added to a renovation project or an existing home.

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