In the beginning, a dream home is just a vision. To make that vision a reality, we collaborate closely with clients to translate their ideas into a solid design of their home, sometimes working from client sketches or pictures to create customized plans. Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking brings many years of experience to this process and are able to advise clients when they need information about materials, designs and budgets. Although we design most of our projects, we also work with many local architects and design services to help clients bring their dream of a new home to fruition.

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

The possibilities are endless. Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking has a staff that is dedicated to implementing your vision with the finest craftsmanship. Each employee is committed to ensuring the highest customer satisfaction for every project. We’ll work with you through every step of the construction process, until your dream home is realized.

Our Process

Our client’s satisfaction is always our priority. Deciding if you want your entire house to be of timber frame construction, or just one area, gives you many options to choose from. Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking will work with you every step of the way to ensure your dream home becomes a reality. Sometimes that process includes guiding you through the sitework and foundation, and every other step through the process, until the final interior painting and trim work is completed. Other times, our job is to carefully craft a custom timber frame that we erect on an existing foundation, and that will be finished by a general contractor of your choice.

Whatever your building project entails, the story of your future home begins by sitting down and listening to your thoughts, ideas and wishes. Before we even start the design process, we will walk your site with you and take into consideration environmental factors, like terrain, exposure and lighting. We consider your budget, your space requirements, and your design preferences. As Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking builds the vision of your home with you, we often compare photos and illustrations of similar projects, and sketch out possibilities. Once rough drafts are finalized, we’ll design a floor plan and create detailed blueprints that bring you one step closer to realizing your new home, all the while keeping an eye on your budget.

With final blueprints and an approved budget, construction begins, and you will quickly see your dream home materialize before your eyes.

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