Built-In Cabinetry


We consider these to be the frosting on the cake. Our custom built-ins are crafted to be both functional and beautiful, and add to the value of your home. They are designed to coordinate with the interior of your home, add storage and display options, and increase the functionality of your living space. Built-ins can be incorporated into the construction of a new home, or can be added to a renovation project or an existing home.

Built For Your Home

Just like our timber frames, our cabinets are built to your specifications, matching the character and design of your home. As with everything we produce, all of our cabinetry is made completely by hand and then professionally installed.

Your cabinetry should evolve from its’ intended use and space criteria. We start by looking at your interior space and discussing the functionality and aesthetics of your built-ins. Other considerations include materials, finish, design and budget.

Cabinets For Any Room

Throughout the years, Bret Lord Fine Building and Woodworking has created cabinets for almost every space, both in the house and in the garage. These built-ins include a variety of styles, sizes and materials and are located in mud rooms, bathrooms, great rooms, kitchens, closets, and more. From entertainment centers, vanities and islands to custom shelving and wardrobes, we can also include lighting, custom wood inlays, lazy susans and more.

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